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Do you have a size chart for your clothing so I can check before I order?


Yes! Click HERE for our sizing page.


Has my order been sent yet ?


We always state our current turnaround time. This is the time between you placing your order and us posting your order. This doesn't include your postage time, so please choose your postage accordingly at checkout.

You will receive a dispatch email once your order has been posted, which will be within the turnaround time unless you have been contacted otherwise. Please ensure you keep your eye on your SPAM folder incase your email is hiding in there.


Can I add on to a previous order to save on postage?

This can be done depending on the size of the orders. If you have two smaller orders which would fit into one postage you can add them together. However, this does reset your turnaround time. 

The turnaround time is then extended to the time from your second order rather than your first. 

If you're wanting to do this please contact us via the CONTACT FORM or message us on social media.


Which methods of payments can I use?


We have a range of payment options, including, Card Payments, PayPal, Clearpay and Laybuy.


What is a surprise box and subscription box?

A surprise box is pretty much what is says on the tin. It's one of our most popular items, especially when we have a new line drop and people can't choose what they want. 

You order a value of a box, include the size and name of the person who the box is for. All I ask is to state if there is any colours or styles of something you DO NOT want. You then leave the rest up to me and you receive a surprise order.

Codes cannot be used on these as they are already discounted. For example if you order a £25 surprise box, the value of the items you receive will be more than the value you have paid.

A subscription box is similar but this runs over a period of time which you choose. This is a no commitment subscription which you can cancel at any time. However it is an auto renewal so if you're ready to take a break make sure you cancel. You also get a 15% discount by choosing one of our subscriptions.


Do you accept returns?


As a rule, no. Everything is made to order so each design is completely unique. You choose the colours, sizing etc. The only way we will accept a return is if there is a rare mistake we have made ourselves.

Please ensue you check everything before putting the items on. As soon as the item has been worn the returns will not be available. 

In these circumstances you have 10 days to return the item after contacting us and arranging the next steps to resolve the issue. Anything over those days will not be accepted as a return. 

We cannot be responsible for the aftercare of your items.


Do discount codes work on everything?


There are a few items where discount and rep codes won't work. 

These include

Surprise Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Gift Vouchers

Sale Items

This is due to the items already either being discounted already - or you are purchasing a specific amount for someone else to spend.

Rep codes will work on everything else on the website unless stated otherwise. All other discount codes will be explained on the posts when made.

Please note you can only use one code per order.


Is there recommended after care instructions for your items?

Yes! In every order you will receive a Thank you card which will contain the washing and after care instructions. 

But if you have lost or misplaced it, click HERE for our recommended aftercare page.


Can I create my own design?

Yes. We offer custom designs. 

How this works, is you put through a custom design from out CUSTOMS section - then at the notes section include all of the information about your idea. Don't forget to include colours, names etc. 

Then in the next week or so I will mock up a design based on your idea and send it over to you either on email, what app or social media and you can tell me your thoughts. This is then the opportunity to let me know if you're happy, if you want anything changing adding etc. 

Once you have approved the final design I will continue to print up on your purchased item. 

Please note once approval has been made you cannot change the design and we cannot be held responsible if you notice something later on you want changing. 


More information on Gift Vouchers?


We offer a range of amounts of gift vouchers, ranging from £5-£100.

You can either have them posted and receive a physical voucher which is printed or you can select the e-voucher selection at the checkout where you will receive the voucher via email.

All vouchers are personalised with a message from the sender and a unique code to be used on anything the website. Once the code has been used once it cannot be used again.

If you do not use the total value of your gift voucher in one order, please get in touch and we will reset your voucher code for the remaining amount.